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February 28, 2012

For the first time since 1989, the great state of California finally welcomed me back with open arms. Truthfully, I’ve never had the burning desire of ever going back to California (believe me, I had my reasons) but this trip definitely changed it for me, and I’m glad it did. For a few short days, I, along with my wife and her family, was able to enjoy its glorious weather, vibrant colors and sights, and raging, 80 mph highway driving. It was, indeed, a pleasant escape from the bleak winters of the Midwest and the irresponsible, college-age driving of Bloomington, IN.

Some airport sketches:

This guy was awesome to draw. He sat perfectly still as if he knew I was sketching him. Plus, he looked exactly (and eerily) like the Dad from The Wonder Years.

A few people studies from Dulles Airport. And no, the dude on the top right is not the ghost of Elvis. But believe me, he might as well be.

A middle-aged couple who fell asleep on each other’s shoulders. Sweet. Sadly, their 13-year old daughter didn’t give two poops about it.

This one was way too great not to draw. I was on my way to grab a bite to eat, when I saw a man and his daughter sitting along the halls of the terminal, each preoccupied with their own little gadgets, trying to pass the time. The guy was on his iPad and his daughter was watching cartoons on the laptop. It was endearing in a strange way since neither of them were really paying attention to the other. The man was busy with what looked like his work, and the little girl seemed like she was in a trance, her little head dwarfed by gigantic headphones. Yet somehow, you knew just by looking that their bond was there. Signs of the times, perhaps? Made me wonder how it’ll be like to wait in an airport terminal with my one of my own someday.

Some of the places I saw or went to:

This was a theatre in downtown Oceanside. I absolutely love old school theatre facades. I kinda wish drew the ones I saw in Memphis when I went a couple of years ago.

What’s a trip to the west coast without a stroll down cholesterol lane, a.k.a. In-N-Out Burger? Granted, this was my inaugural trip to the infamous fast food joint. The burger was yummy, although I must say I still prefer Five Guys (don’t hate me). But what made the meal for me were those KILLER Animal Fries. I’d come back just for those bad boys.

Mission San Luis Rey is one of the many, and the first mission in California. The interior of the church is old and beautiful, although the outside needs a little bit of work. Growing up Catholic, this proved to be a treat. Also, an eye-opener as to why a lot of people the Catholic church is a cult (which, by the way, is NOT… but part of me doesn’t blame you, either).



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